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Working With My Dentist

A few years ago, I realized that I was thinking about dental care all wrong. Instead of listening carefully to my dentist and making the necessary changes, I assumed that he was ultimately responsible for making sure that my teeth stayed healthy. Unfortunately, I developed a few serious cavities because I failed to properly brush and floss my teeth, and I knew that it was my fault. I decided to start taking notes at my dental checkups and carefully abiding by the dentist's orders. The difference was almost miraculous. This blog is all about working with your dentist to improve your result.

Working With My Dentist

  • How To Protect Your Broken Implant As You Wait For Your Appointment

    6 April 2017

    If you have started having problems with your dental implant, from a cracked crown to a broken or mobile implant screw, those hours between finding out you need help and actually getting to the dentist to fix the problem can seem longer than they really are. A damaged implant can create a number of secondary problems, such as cuts on your inner lip and pain. To protect the implant and the area around it, follow these tips.

  • Time For Implants? 4 Reasons You Should Choose Zirconia Implants

    31 March 2017

    If you've suffered premature tooth loss, you'll need to have them replaced. If you've decided on dental implants, you should choose zirconia implants. Zirconia implants are completely metal-free, which will provide you with a number of benefits. Here are four reasons why you should choose metal-free zirconia implants. No Dark Spots Under the Gums  If you have thin or receding gums, traditional metal implant posts can make your smile look unsightly.

  • The Four Biggest Benefits Of Dental Crowns

    23 March 2017

    There are many ways in which you can change your smile, which is fortunate for many people who suffer from missing or damaged teeth. One of the best ways to repair damaged teeth without actually having to remove them is to cover them with dental crowns. Here are the four biggest benefits of this: No Extractions: If you have teeth that are damaged for any reason aside from decay, you can easily avoid extractions.

  • Helping Your Child Overcome Their Fear Of The Dental Chair

    20 March 2017

    Many children are scared of the dentist, but it is important to address this anxiety early to ensure they receive proper dental care during their development phases. To help with this, consider the three commonly asked questions below: How Can You Help with Anxious Children? As a parent, the most important thing you can do to alleviate your children's concerns is to be a great role model. Your kids will look up to you for guidance when they are nervous, so it is important that you promote positive behaviors for your children to imitate.

  • Training For A New Career? 2 Careers That Require A Healthy Smile

    14 March 2017

    If you have been busy training to enter a new career field, then you know how stressful it can be to make a big change in your life. However, don't let that stress impact your oral health. It can be all too easy to munch on sugary candy while studying for tests and skip brushing your teeth before bed after a late-night study session. When you enter any new career field, you want a pearly white smile that you can display proudly during those interviews and when working with new clients.