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Working With My Dentist

4 Family Dentist Tips To Keep In Mind During Invisalign Treatment

Siiri Puro

Patients with crooked teeth may benefit from various dental treatments. Invisalign has become popular because they are less visible than conventional braces. If you consider this option, you may have a few questions concerning the treatment period. Do the aligners need special care? Are they going to affect your teeth cleaning routines? Your first consultation with your family dentist will give you a broad understanding of the entire treatment. In the meantime, the following are tips regarding Invisalign treatment.

1. Take Out the Trays Before Eating

Generally, you should remove the aligners before eating to prolong their lifespan. The trays can crack or get stained when chewing food, regardless of how soft the food seems. Eating without them also makes the process comfortable and easy. Furthermore, food particles may get stuck to the aligners, encouraging bacterial growth in your gums. This may lead to infections and tooth decay. After eating and cleaning your teeth, you can fix the trays back. 

2. Wear Your Trays All the Time 

You should wear your Invisalign trays for most of the day. This should be a full-time activity apart from when you are eating. Wearing them full-time increases the alignment speed and helps you adjust to the treatment. You'll know the alignment process is progressing well if every new set of trays sits more comfortably on your teeth. Besides, failing to wear the trays full-time may slow the progress and worsen the situation. 

3. Clean Your Mouth

One of the best things about Invisalign is that the treatment allows users to continue their normal mouth-cleaning regimen. You should continue using toothpaste and floss to clean your teeth after every meal. Unlike braces, you can remove the aligners, clean your teeth, and fit them back. Therefore, you avoid decay and infections and stick to the alignment treatment. Consider cleaning the aligners regularly to keep the bacteria at bay. 

4. Avoid Deep-Pigmented Beverages

You can drink water with the Invisalign on. However, drinks with dark pigments, such as wine and coffee, may stain your aligners. If you must consume the beverages, consider removing the trays, cleaning your teeth, and fixing them. Stained aligners are more conspicuous, which defeats their purpose. 

Are you looking to align your teeth and enhance your smile? You could be the right candidate for Invisalign treatment. Contact your family dentist to set an appointment and begin your teeth alignment journey.

If you have any questions, make an appointment with a family dental care provider, such as Dawn Grosser-Mason.