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Working With My Dentist

Habits To Avoid For Pro Teeth Whitening Treatment

Siiri Puro

Many people go for teeth whitening to get rid of surface stains that have developed over time. Most of these procedures involve the use of a hydrogen peroxide gel on the stained teeth. The gel removes the stains in a short period. However, the whitening effects may be short-lived if you eat certain foods and drinks. Here are some foods and drinks you should avoid after a teeth whitening treatment.

Avoiding Taking Colored Beverages

Coffee is one of the main reasons many people have tooth stains. Dentists recommend waiting a few hours after the whitening procedure before drinking coffee or any other dark liquids. These drinks stain the teeth because of their vibrant colors.

Some other dark liquids to avoid include red wine, sodas, beer, tea, and fruit juices. If you cannot resist taking these drinks, use a straw. A straw will keep the liquids from your teeth. An alternative to dark-colored beverages is clear beverages like vodka, white wine, and sparkling water.

Smoking Tobacco

Your teeth contain pores. When you smoke tobacco, the nicotine in the cigarette penetrates these pores, causing brown or yellow discoloration. While nicotine is colorless, when it combines with oxygen, the result is a yellow color. Smokers will have some teeth that are darker than the others, depending on their inhaling method.

Chewing tobacco also stains the teeth. When brown tobacco combines with saliva, the result is a dark brown liquid that stains your teeth. Your dentist will advise you to avoid cigarettes and tobacco after any teeth whitening procedures.

Dark-Colored Foods

Foods like beetroot, dark chocolate, and blueberries have many health benefits. However, these foods have teeth staining effects. If you cannot avoid dark-colored foods, make sure you eat lots of greens like kale, spinach, or broccoli. These vegetables have stain removal properties if they are consumed in a raw state.

An alternative to dark-colored foods is white foods. These are foods that are colorless or white. Some white diet components include white pasta, rice, milk, white chocolate, egg whites, white rice, and plain yogurt.

Everyone wants to have a bright white smile. One of the reasons people suffer from yellow or stained teeth is because of their lifestyle habits. Apart from eating the right foods and drinks after teeth whitening procedures, it is important to observe oral hygiene. Make sure you brush and floss twice a day and go to your dentist for regular checkups. For more information about teeth whitening treatments, contact a dentist.