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Working With My Dentist

Questions To Ask Your Dentist About Tooth Sensitivity

Siiri Puro

If you ever feel like your teeth are overly sensitive, you should talk to your dentist about this issue at your next visit. Living with overly sensitive teeth can be painful and annoying, but there might be some options for you that will help you decrease the sensitivity you feel. If you have this problem, here are three good questions to ask your dentist during your dental exam.

What causes teeth to experience major sensitivity?

The best thing you can ask your dentist is what is causing your teeth to feel this way, and the dentist will probably list all the potential causes for this. The dentist will also carefully look at your teeth to see if he or she can find the exact cause of your sensitivity. One major cause of tooth sensitivity is enamel erosion. Enamel erosion is a process that causes the enamel to wear off your teeth, and this typically occurs slowly over time. It can happen from grinding your teeth, eating acidic foods, or failing to care for your teeth properly. Without enamel covering your teeth, the inner parts of your teeth are exposed, and this is generally the cause of sensitivity issues with most people.

What can a person do at home to fix this problem?

There are a number of things people can do at home to decrease sensitivity with their teeth. The first option is to start brushing with sensitive teeth toothpaste. This form of toothpaste helps seal teeth, which is designed to offer the protection teeth need over them to protect the inner parts. If you use this daily, you will probably see a difference in just a few days. Secondly, you could start avoiding acidic foods, as these foods tend to cause more sensitivity with teeth.

Are there any procedures needed?

When people have extreme sensitivity issues with their teeth, dentists can perform procedures for this. One of the easiest ways to treat this is by applying composite resin filling material over the teeth to serve as a layer of protection, and this is a great option if the cause is enamel erosion.

Your dentist can help you understand what is causing this issue in your mouth and may be able to give you some tips to help you decrease the pain and sensitivity. To learn more about this, contact a dental clinic to set up a visit with a dentist.