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Working With My Dentist

What To Expect When Getting Your Adult Braces Off

Siiri Puro

Wearing braces for many months or years is often what it takes to obtain straight teeth and a better bite, and eventually, the day will come when you get your adult braces off. If you are preparing to go to your final visit for your braces, you might want to find out what exactly will happen while they are removing your braces. If so, here are several things you should expect at this appointment.

It may hurt a little

A big question people often wonder about when getting their braces off is if it will hurt. While it does not really hurt a lot, it may hurt a little or at least feel a little uncomfortable. During the process of getting your braces off, the orthodontist will be prying or pulling the brackets off your teeth with pliers or a different type of tool. This is what may feel uncomfortable to you, but that is not the only thing. After removing the brackets, the orthodontist will have to scrape your teeth, because they will contain glue. This scraping can also be uncomfortable or slightly painful to some people.

Your teeth should look great but may have discoloration

When the orthodontist is finally finished removing the brackets and glue, you will get to look in the mirror to see your new smile. The first thing you will probably notice is that you can finally see your teeth, and you will also notice how straight they are. These are both good features to see afterwards, but you might also see some things you do not like, such as discoloration. It is not uncommon to see discoloration after getting your braces off, simply because you have been wearing brackets and wires for months or years. This can result in some discoloration, but there are ways you can help change this over time.

You will get fitted for a retainer

The other thing you should expect is to get fitted for a retainer. In many cases, orthodontists fit people for retainers immediately after removing the braces but do not give them the retainers until the next day. The retainer you receive for your upper arch will most likely be a removable retainer, but the retainer for the lower arch might be cemented in place.

Getting your braces off will be an exciting day, and it will reveal your new look. If you have questions about braces, contact an orthodontist clinic in your area.