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Working With My Dentist

A few years ago, I realized that I was thinking about dental care all wrong. Instead of listening carefully to my dentist and making the necessary changes, I assumed that he was ultimately responsible for making sure that my teeth stayed healthy. Unfortunately, I developed a few serious cavities because I failed to properly brush and floss my teeth, and I knew that it was my fault. I decided to start taking notes at my dental checkups and carefully abiding by the dentist's orders. The difference was almost miraculous. This blog is all about working with your dentist to improve your result.

Working With My Dentist

A Few Reasons To Treat An Abscess Quickly

Siiri Puro

Going to the dentist is a vital part of your dental hygiene and can be a very good way to ensure that your teeth and gums are still healthy. The dentist is also there for you when you have emergency procedures that need to be done. One emergency procedure that you may encounter is an abscessed tooth that needs to be operated on.

If you have ever had an abscessed tooth, you know that they can be extremely painful. An abscessed tooth is not just painful but it can be a problem that can escalate very quickly if you do not take care of it as soon as possible. Here are three reasons to take care of an abscessed tooth as quickly as possible.

Long Term Pain Is Bad For Your Health 

Pain that lasts longer than a few hours can cause a lot of adverse health effects. One of the biggest things that you need to worry about is depression. If you are experiencing long term pain in your jaw, you may become depressed, and you may feel like things are hopeless. You need to make sure that you take care of the tooth as soon as possible. The dentist will be able to operate and significantly reduce the pain that you feel.

The Spread Of Infection Is Less Likely

An abscessed tooth is when the nerve of your tooth is exposed or infected. The infection can be extremely painful, but it can also spread very rapidly. If the infection is able to spread down into your jaw, you may be in for a very long surgery. In fact if the infection goes down into your jaw, you may end up needing bone grafts and other invasive types of surgery. When you start to feel pain in your tooth or jaw make sure that you go in to see the dentist as soon as possible.

Your Gums May Be In Danger

If the abscess in your tooth is able to spread to your gums, you also might be in for a very long procedure. The gums are one of the most vital parts of your health. If your gums are infected, it is going to cause a lot of pain, but can also affect the supporting tissue in your entire face. Make sure that if you feel that abscess that you get it taken care of as soon as possible.